Microsoft Execs Visit Great Barr School


I don’t normally talk about my own school in my blog posts but there are a few things I do want to bring up.

Thursday last week was a very big day for me as I had 5 visitors from Microsoft visiting the school.  To me, having any Microsoft employee visiting the school is really big but these guys weren’t any Microsoft employees as we have 2 Microsoft Corporate Executives.

They were visiting the school to see what we had done with our IT and also gave me a opportunity to show our Learning Gateway (SharePoint, Exchange, Moodle, OCS/CWA, TSGateway).

We have deployed a whole new domain, SharePoint, OCS, Exchange, Office 2007, Vista etc aiming to turn the school around with the Technology and E-Learning within a few months.  Well we’re achieved this, even though we have done a lot we have so much more to do and we are now looking at Moodle for course delivery.

It was great to have these guys visiting and you can read Ray Fleming (from Microsoft) report of the day at his blog – Click Here

Anoop Gupta and Michael Golden were the two Executives visiting and we were delighted to have them at the school.  We even had them competing with a class group on Nintendo DSs on Brain Training.  How quickly can you do 100 simply maths questions.  Anoop did his in 2 minutes 15 seconds, that’s 1 question every 2 seconds!  So quick!!


Thanks for coming to visit us at Great Barr School

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