Back from Sierra Leone and the rest of my travels.


Well actually I’ve been back a few weeks but its been so busy since I got back.  All positive though.  We have had a lot of press coverage in Birmingham about Sierra Leone which is helping to raise more money.

The trip was amazing – Sierra Leone is such a beautiful country with such bad poverty.  We went the local market one day and locals were buying bread for 20 or 50 Leones (the local currency), where a can of Coke would cost us 1000 Leones and œ1 ($1.5) is 5000Leones.  Scary thoughts.

They are so excited about us bring computers over.  Can’t believe we will help set up the first computer lab in a school in the country.

We did visit the only place they teach computers in the country.  The computers were so old and I found the teaching book.  "Microsoft Office for Windows 95"  How times have changed…

We took 1000s of photos and if you want to see them add me as a friend on facebook and have a look, they are amazing.  We’ve been donated a Gallery at the Mailbox (posh area of Birmingham, UK) where we can display the images and people can buy them and the money goes to the charity – which is why they aren’t on flickr.

As I mentioned we have had a lot of press coverage and have a look at articles here.

Here are two of my favourite images

The lad in the black and white photo work for the hotel where we stayed.  Their job is to fill the water tub so water can be used in the baths of the 5 room hotel.  The kid on the right nearest the camera can’t go to school, well all of them can’t but he use to go to school and can’t any more because his dad can only afford for one of his sons to go.  Now his younger brother is old enough he goes to school instead.  School costs around $7 a term.

The 2nd is my favourite of all.  Just sums up my whole trip.



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