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I've been playing with Moodle the last few weeks.  A open source, web based E-Learning tool coded in PHP written for Apache, mySQL on Linux.

We are looking at several E-Learning tools includes SLK but Moodle at the moment Moodle has become the leader in the delivery of E-Learning for our school.  Many schools look at Moodle as a competitive to SharePoint but SharePoint is not a E-Learning tool, it can be used for E-Learning but doesn't delivery the course by course we are looking for out of the box.  SharePoint delivery management and collaboration for all stake holder in the school which makes it the most value tool in a school in my eyes.

There are many documents out their that can help you to install Moodle on Win2K3R2, IIS6 and MsSQL2005 but I never found one that was right. So I thought I would pass this one as well as look at how the Moodle SharePoint Web Parts look.

The closest white paper I found was written by Matthias Wachs and the document is spot on but except for the exception.

  1. Install Win2k3 and patch
  2. Enable IIS6.0
  3. Install SQL2005
  4. Install PHP 5 – try and use the same version as the document – saves confusion
    1. When installing the modules you also need to install LDAP – you will require this later
  5. Create username and database for moodle
  6. Configure IIS and PHP
  7. Configure php.ini

And this is where you need to have different exceptions than the white paper.  The white paper wants you to have two php dlls for the connection of php to SQL while you only need the one – FreeTDS.  The execption should be the following


 On codeplex you can also download the Moodle WebParts for SharePoint 2003 and 2007.

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