OneDrive Configurator: Accessing Student OneDrive for Business


BFC Networks have been working with different customers throughout the UK to understand their needs when deploying Office 365 into their education establishment.

As we see more uptake of some of the core products in Office 365 such as Exchange, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business we have seen make requests and concerns around accessing students OneDrive for Business.  When asking customers what they would like to be able to do they have replied with.OneDriveConfigFirstImage

  • The ability to access students OneDrives but only students, “We don’t want teachers to access other teachers”.
  • We want to either allow Teachers or just Network Admins to student OneDrives so we can support them better.
  • Teachers need to easily navigate to student OneDrives and get the work they want.
  • We don’t want anyone to have Blogs in their OneDrive.
  • We don’t want anyone to share files within the Shared with Everyone folder
  • Can we set a theme?

Today I’m pleased to announce our first app for Office 365 called the BFC OneDrive Configurator available for purchase as of today.  This app answers all the questions above allowing you to control who and what features you want in OneDrive for Business.



Get in touch for more information including any requests so we can build the additional features you want into BFC OneDrive Configurator.

Licence Cost per Annum: £500 + VAT
Standard Install Cost £250 + VAT

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