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I have a few customers that I look after from a live@edu point of view so I receive notification from Microsoft about updates to the customers tenancy such as SSO certificates as well as Microsoft general update emails.

I have received a very interesting email in the last week which might help answer a few questions for when the service is migrated to Office 365 for Education as well as the recent changes to SkyDrive (which you can also read here).

At the bottom of the email (and this post) you will see that it talks about SkyDrive not being included in Office365 but it confirm that Microsoft will allow you users to continue to user the SkyDrive services when they are migrated to Office365 for education.

Happy reading.


Dear Live@edu Administrator,

We wanted to send you some information about recent updates to SkyDrive. These new apps and features make SkyDrive the most powerful personal cloud storage service available and help your users to stay connected with the files most important to them.

Highlights of the release include:

  • SkyDrive for Windows (Vista, 7 and 8): SkyDrive is now automatically available from any desktop app and within Windows Explorer — supporting files of up to 2 GB (20x increase) and offline access.
  • SkyDrive for Mac: Brings our powerful file syncing app to the OS X Finder.
  • Upload larger files: Now you can upload large files: up to 2 GB from your desktop or up to 300 MB from
  • Fetch: Forgotten to put a file in your SkyDrive folder? Not a problem. You can access any file stored on your Windows PC from in your web browser remotely.
  • SkyDrive updates for mobile devices: – Access and share any file on the go with SkyDrive for Windows Phone, iPhone or iPad.

In addition, we are announcing new, more flexible storage options – up to 100 GB of additional storage. Users receive 7 GB of free storage, which is more than any other service. It is enough to keep about 20,000 Office documents or 7,000 photos, which is more than enough for most people. Our data shows that 99.94% of all SkyDrive users currently store less than 7 GB, so this change will not have a significant impact on how people use SkyDrive.

For those who have been using SkyDrive regularly, as a thank-you for being loyal customers, we are offering the opportunity to keep their SkyDrive storage limit at the original 25 GB for a limited time. Users who currently store more than 4 GB in their SkyDrive have automatically been upgraded to 25 GB. Please note that users who qualify for the offer have been notified in-product. Those who have SkyDrive accounts but have never utilised the service are not eligible for this offer, so we ask that you do not communicate this offer broadly to your users.

We value our relationship and Live@edu’s partnership with your establishment, and we realise this is an appreciable difference from what was originally offered with the service. This decision did not come about lightly, but was a necessary change that allows us to better meet our users’ needs by offering easier-to-use and more flexible cloud storage. We’re excited about the new features and apps for SkyDrive and look forward to delivering more SkyDrive improvements in the future.
For more information please visit the SkyDrive homepage, share the SkyDrive at School page with your users or, if you have any questions, please post them on Microsoft Answers.

Office 365 for education
Although SkyDrive is not included in Office 365, it’s important to note that your current SkyDrive users will not lose anything they store in SkyDrive after your establishment upgrades to Office 365 for education. Your users will continue to have access to all their files in SkyDrive, plus your establishment will have the added benefits of SharePoint Online with powerful features like intranet sites, seamless integration with Exchange Online and Lync Online, as well as a rich set of enterprise-level administrative tools not found in SkyDrive and other consumer services.

Yours sincerely,

Live@edu team

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