Office 365 for education Starter Manual


I’ve spent the last few weeks deploying Office 365 for education to a few different schools, councils and academy trusts in the UK and thought I would share the way you should set up your tenancy through a new starter manual.


The Starter Manual will guide you through some of the simple tasks like subscribing, adding users and then giving them licenses.  It also covers some aspects of Exchange, Lync and SharePoint ensuring that when you are starting to get users engaged, you don’t hit any issues.

Feedback is always welcome and I hope you find it useful.


Click here to download.



One thought on “Office 365 for education Starter Manual

  1. Caught your webinar on Thursday, wished I had your manual a few weeks ago. It’s well done. I stumbled through my install and now I’m struggling through the SharePoint setup. Sure wished MS would have added a few educational webparts. Thanks for leading the way

    Much obliged from northwest Iowa

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