Sharepoint Learning Kit: Part 2


As in my previous post I said i was going to discuss Sharepoint Learning Kit (SLK) more indepth.

So why use SLK?

Well SLK replaced Microsoft Class Server 4.  Used to create learning resources, assign then to students and class and then pupils can assgin the different questions.  The question types included, true or false, multiple choice, fill in the blanks and essay style.

Class Server has been replaced because when it was first created it was a standalone product.  When version 3 came out they started to intergrate it with SPS2003 with web parts.  Class server can also be run as a stand alone product as well.

Microsoft have decided to replace class server with Sharepoint Learning Kit which is a MOSS product only.  It is a application add-on to Sharepoint 2007 with a signle webpart being used.

You have to create a new database for the SLK.   At the same screen you also have to set the different names for the teacher, pupils and parents.  Default is Teacher = Instrutor, Pupil = Learning and Parent = Observer.  I personally dont like these so I edited it to Teacher = Teacher and Pupil = Pupil.

 So what if your a current Class Server user and your worried that your learning resources wont in SLK (worth a read anyway if your new to Microsoft Eduaction Products).

Well the wonderful learning resources are something call SCORM compliant, whcih means as SLK is a SCORM compliant product you can still use them in the new version.

So what is SCORM?

SCORM stands for Sharable Content Object Reference Model – does that help? haha.  Well its a standard for learning resources for Virtual Learning Evironments like the Microsoft Learning Gateway (SLK).

Wiki –

Lots of companies are now creating SCORM compliant resources and I would like to create a list of recommended companies.  You want to be on my list – email me!

SCORM learning resources contain the questions for learners to answer and then the server to mark!

You dont just have to assign pupils SCORM learning resources – you can assign them any kind of document, spreadsheet, etc…

I’m hoping that even though its not the best of posts you will gain a better understand of what Sharepoint Learning Kit is used for.  Next post will have a walk through of assign a learning resource.

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