Sharepoint Learning Kit: Part 3


For part 3 I thought I would give you a walkthrough of creating a site, setting the permissions, making changes to the document library for version controlling and then assigning the solitaire SCORM learning resource that came with the SLK release.

Create a new site – I’ve called mine SharePoint Learning Kit.

When you are creating it make sure you click on unique permissions.

Add the learners as viewers and the lecturer as a contributor/members.

Having now created your site click on People and Groups down the left hand side.  When the new page has loaded on the left hand side you will see the 3 groups that have just been created.  Click on %groupname% Members – this depends on the name of your site.

Click on Settings and then Group Settings.

This will load the page below and at the bottom you get to check the permissions you want.  As the member group is the lecturers group you need to check SLK Instructor.

Click OK to save these settings.
This takes you back to the screen for People and Groups.  Select the visitors group and this time give them the permission as SLK Learner.

You also need to enable SLK to work in this site.  Go to Site Actions and then Site Settings.  Under Site Administration you will see Site Features and then click on Activate for SharePoint Learning Kit

If you used the default team template you don’t need to create a document library but if you don’t have one – create on.

You need to turn versioning on for this document library.  This does not stop SharePoint Learning Kit from working but does stop a few error messages.

Click on your document library (Shared Documents) on the left hand side – Settings and then Document Library Settings – Under the General Tab click on Versioning Settings – Check Create Major Versions – Save these changes

You may also want to add the SLK webpart to your site on the front page.

Everything that you have just read only needs to be done once on every site you create.

Now upload the learning resource to this document library.

From the documents Library hover your mouse over the to show the drop down box.  Click on the arrow and then E-Learning Actions.

On this screen you can choose to either assign the learning resource to yourself or to a site.  If pupils know how to assign documents themselves they can improve their own learning.

Click on the name of your site (Current Site)-  and it will load this page.

Select the times and date you want the resource to go out and also the due date and give any instructions to the learner.

Select the learners you want it to be assigned to.

Having now logged in as a learner I will see that I have the solitaire learning resource has been assigned to me.

Complete the assignment. 

When the class have finished the assignment log back in and click on the assignment name in the SLK Webpart.  This will then show you what pupils go with mark.  The server has automatically marked the answers for you.

I want to do a walkthrough video but dont know how – soon as I do I’ll do one.

For those of you in a school wanting to create a class group for each of your classes in school – you have to do this for every class you want. 

I do know of a product that will do this for you – export the data from your MIS system and then create your 500 or so classes.  This will be part 4.

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