Changes to WhitePaper: Moodle x64 PHP download


Since I publish the whitepapers on how to install Moodle on a Windows environment, to date (6th June 2010) they have been downloaded over 850 times.  I certainly hope you have found they very useful.

Over the next week I’ll be publish a 3rd Moodle whitepaper entitled ‘Implementing Moodle on a Windows High Availability Environment’ where we will go though and install Moodle on two web front ends, a SQL cluster and a SAN.

Since publishing the Installing Moodle on Windows Server 2008 R2 which is a 64 bit operating system the link to the download of PHP x64 has broke and the website you can download it from is no longer available.  I have tried to find somewhere else to download it but have not been able to do this.  Instead I have added to the Learning Gateway media section for download.  You can now get this from the link below.


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